Georgia Softwash Sidewalks and Driveway Cleaning

Clean your roof by the professionals

Sidewalks and driveway cleaning helps get rid of build up dirt and grime. Homeowners often overlook the exterior surfaces surrounding their home, but eventually you will start to notice those pesky bumps when driving up your driveway or the slippery slime developing in your entryway.

Sidewalks and Driveway Cleaning
Concrete and sidewalk washing

Sidewalks and driveway cleaning will extend the life of not just your concrete surfaces.

Concrete absorbs dirt and oils over time. When the buildup is mixed with rainwater, road chemicals, and salt, those annoying stains become more apparent. Georgia’s constant humidity, rainfall and winter temperatures all add up to damage concrete driveways and sidewalks. A dirty driveway or sidewalk can hide things like water intrusion and other imperfections. With constant movement from heavy vehicles and foot traffic, your home’s most heavily used areas can begin to deteriorate, eventually showing cracks and chips more and more. If not treated properly, this damage can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Protect the longevity of your car tires and keep your family safe from tripping or slipping on damaged concrete. We can restore even the most neglected and dirty concrete surfaces to their original clean and healthy condition. 

Concrete stains we can clean

  • Oil stains – we can remove a large portion of oil stains from the surface of your driveway. Efficiency of removal depends on how long the stain has been sitting and what type of oil stain it is.
  • Leaf stains– During the fall, loose leaves begin to gather and get tracked in from car tires and wind. Mixed with heavy rainfall and pressure, the layer of accumulated debris can start to leave marks on your concrete.
  • Red Clay Stains – Georgia is known for its red clay soil. We help to remove stains dragged onto your concrete, leaving unsightly stains.
  • Mold and Mildew – Our soft washing techniques remove not only the mildew you see on the surface of your concrete, but also the spores that remain tucked into the crevices of the material.
  • Much More – call us today so we can come out and assess your needs first hand.

How soon after sidewalks and driveway cleaning can we drive and walk on the concrete?

Our soft washing method is complete as soon as our hard working employees leave your home. Do not fret about parking on the street overnight, your driveway will be ready to go in just a few short hours (time dependent on size of the job and driveway being cleaned).

Why should you not try to do the cleaning yourself with an at home power washer? Well while the concrete may appear clean after your treatment, power washing only takes the grime off the top layer. This spreads the algae and bacteria spores, pushing them deeper into the concrete. Before you know it, you will be back out there in the summer heat, attempting to clean your sidewalks just a few weeks later. Save yourself the time and energy by calling Georgia Softwash. Soft washing eliminates the problem instead of moving the dirt around for a quick fix. We offer a low-pressure cleaning solution that will remove the discolor from your exterior concrete.

Our environmentally friendly process involved non-hazardous, water-based chemicals that break down into carbon and water in less than a month after the treatment, making them biodegradable and a safe alternative to the harmful pressure washing chemicals. Instantly see a difference in your home’s curb appeal after we use our industry standard cleaning solutions to remove dust, dirt, rust, grease, and oil while killing other airborne infestations building up on the surface. Brighten up your property and leave your sidewalks clean enough for your children to play on. With regular softwashing, you can help prevent damage to your concrete surfaces. An effective soft wash cleaning from Georgia Softwash will prolong your hard surface’s life for years.