Georgia Softwash Roof Washing & Cleaning System

Clean your roof by the professionals

Are you noticing discoloration, stains, or tarnish on your roof? Does your home look much older than it is because of the roof’s condition? These dark spots are caused by a type of algae called Gloeocapsa magma, as well as mold and other bacteria. Left unchecked, these growths do not just live on your roof, they eat away at your roofing materials.

Roof Grime Cleaning
Roof needs cleaning

Extend your roof's life by getting it cleaned.

If you live under trees, then leaves and debris are constantly being plastered to you roof by a mix of rain and sunlight. Homes located in Georgia are highly susceptible to bacterial growth and mold due to the intense humidity. Roof cleaning is a crucial part of proper home maintenance. The deterioration can be expensive and result in higher utility bills, increased allergies in and around your home, terrible curb appeal, and even affect your home insurance. 

Why Roof Washing?

  • Keep the plants in your garden, not on your roof. Bacteria and algae cause your roof to absorb heat, making your home’s internal systems work hard to keep cool. Preventing the spread of these growing fungi will keep your roof energy efficient.
  • Mold has its way of moving from the exterior to interior of anything it attaches to. For those who are sensitive to these types of mold and bacteria, an increase in allergic reactions can occur both in and out of your home. Keep the health of your family members and pets at the top of your priorities. 
  • Keeping your roof clean is a small cost that can make a huge difference. From annoying HOA charges to an unsightly curb appeal, removing those dark streaks can save you money in the long run. Ugly roof stains can bring down your property value and turn away any potential buyer. Keep your home’s market value high and maintain a valid warranty on your roof.
  • Believe it or not, some insurance companies have been known to terminate policies due to roofs containing excessive amounts of algae. Insurers do not want to have to pay for a new roof, so they eliminate the liability before you may even consider it to be a problem. Homeowners are finding that they have to replace their roofs long before their expiration time. New roofs cost anywhere between five to ten thousand dollars. A soft wash treatment cost much MUCH less.

Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash

Georgia Softwash is a professional and dependable company that you can trust with your home. We can return your home’s roof to its original beautiful condition. We treat all roof types including asphalt, shingles, slate tiles, cedar shake, and metal. For years, pressure washing has been the go-to solution for homeowners trying to clean their roofs, but often they notice the discoloration returns soon after the cleaning. This is because pressure washing removes only the surface layer of algae and bacteria, but without eliminating the growth completely, regrowth can occur within six months. Soft wash uses biodegradable 

chemicals to break down and kill algae and bacteria, leaving the surface not only clean looking, but also sterilized. We use a safer alternative for your home and environment. Our soft wash method protects your roof from the damage of high force pressure washing and is approved by roof manufacturers. Saving you the pain of voided roof warranties and damage to roofing materials. This safe and effective service provides a quick and affordable way to save thousands off the cost of an early roof repair or replacement. By cleansing your roof, you are increasing its lifespan. Soft washing your roof last four to six times longer than pressure washing. With the services provided by Georgia Softwash, your roof quality is set to last.